KONZEUM Waste Services

KONZEUM waste services is dedicated to a sustainable development and upholding a standard of excellence. Our team represents a wealth of knowledge in the following areas:

  • Design and Development of Infra-structure for Solid Waste Management.
  • Design, development, operation and maintenance of tailor made Integrated Solid Waste Management Projects from Primary Collection to Disposal/Final Treatment.
  • Municipal solid, liquid, organic and hazardous waste management and treatment.
  • Industrial solid, liquid, organic and hazardous waste management and treatment.
  • Healthcare waste management.
  • C&D Waste Recycling and Reuse.
  • Municipal Waste recycling and conversion.
  • Contaminated Land/ Site remediation & land recovery.
  • Solid & Liquid Waste Reduction and Minimization.
  • Promoting environmental awareness.
  • Environmental Compliance Reporting as per national legislations of each country where services are provided.
  • Use of Environment Friendly Technologies for waste disposal and treatment.
  • Avoid wherever possible construction of Solid Waste Landfill Sites – as we feel the land should be utilized for housing of people rather than garbage.
  • Avoid wherever possible Thermal Processes to treat the waste – we do not wish to create another type of pollution (air pollution).
  • To create a Formal Downstream Industry for Solid Waste.
  • Waste to Energy using environment friendly technologies.
  • Conversion of inert waste to Refuse Derived Fuel.
  • Specialized Disposal Treatment for Dead Animals.